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Hospital Internists of Texas is a privately held hospitalist group in Austin, serving many St. David’s and Seton hospitals in the Central Texas. Founded in 1996, we are physician-owned and physician-managed, composed exclusively of physicians and advance practice providers who are committed to raising the bar of medical excellence for patients and for our profession.

Our mission is patient-focused. We streamline care as the cohesive link between all specialties a patient may encounter when receiving care in a hospital or acute care setting. Our practice is designed to help patients navigate the increasingly complex dynamic of modern medicine, and to enable physicians and physician partners to have career ownership so they can focus on what they do best—care for patients.

Mission statement

Hospital Internists of Texas (HIT) assumes care of patients during and throughout an acute care episode, whether the patients are under HIT’s long-term care or are referred to HIT by affiliated providers, until the patient returns to ambulatory status in their home setting.

  1. Devotion to patients’ interests
  2. Adherence to evidence-based medicine
  3. Physician governance and independence
  4. High performance in value-based reimbursement
  5. Disruption of inefficiency and innovation of new solutions
  6. Novel application of data and technology to improve care
  7. Evangelization of our practice model

To see a healthcare system where patients receive appropriate care at the time of need, without delay or adulteration from financial forces that conflict to patients’ essential interest: high value medicine that leads to improvement in health.

A message from Hospital Internists of Texas CEO Luke Redman

Luke Redman, HIA CEO

Nearly two decades into the 21st century, the unhealthiest thing in the United States is the healthcare system itself. It is true that patients have more options than ever before, but the result is often patients who feel more confused than empowered. The forces of industry in healthcare have subordinated patients’ interests behind whatever generates profits for them. We say: enough is enough. At Hospital Internists of Texas (HIT) we are determined to rationalize and reorient the Central Texas market so that patients always come first, period.

Our physicians deliver better care because our model is completely different. We have chosen to never put ourselves in a position where a hospital or payer can dictate how our physicians treat patients – no contracts that limit our doctors’ medical judgment or require certain treatments. Instead, we care for a population of patients who either: 1) are patients under HIT’s long-term care, or 2) are referred to HIT by our partner physician groups in Central Texas. Presently, the best-known primary care and specialist physicians in Austin refer hospital patients to HIT, simply because they know that if they refer to HIT their patients will receive superior care. This practice model permits HIT doctors to develop longer relationships with patients and referring physicians, which allows us to focus on improving care for a relatively limited population. Where other groups seek to grow their profits by increasing utilization (and costs to patients), HIT is actively attempting to reduce unnecessary costs and redundancies. Everything HIT does comes back to this goal.

We have no competition that can offer all that HIT can offer in Central Texas. We are the only group in our specialty:

  • Independently owned and governed by physicians
  • Caring for patients inside as well as outside the hospital
  • Serving patients in both Seton and St. David’s hospitals
  • Without financial conflicts of interest or ownership in healthcare facilities
  • With a fellowship-trained palliative care physician, who joined us from Cleveland Clinic
  • Participating in Medicare pilot programs to improve care
  • Using data and technology to identify high risk patients requiring intervention
  • That does not balance bill or bill patients out of network, ever

While we appreciate the distinctions, we do not want to be different simply for the sake of it. Our decision was to focus on quality and reducing costs for patients, and as we have worked through that we have naturally set ourselves apart. This evolution has been as difficult as it has expensive and for certain our trials are not quite over yet. Challenges aside, HIT hears a calling to do better and we will rise to the occasion. Because our patients deserve better.

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